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Cultural Activities

Enjoying the manicured  grounds and the Pura Anyar temple at the entrance to Jeeva Saba Estate may lead you to wish to learn more about the rich Balinese history and culture. With many well known Balinese dance and gamelan troupes located nearby and in Ubud, Jeeva Saba staff is happy to arrange a private cultural show on the beach or lawn at Jeeva Saba, or at the entrance to Jeeva Saba with the Pura Anyar temple and large banyan tree as the perfect Balinese backdrop. We can also suggest some of the best places to view Balinese dances and ceremonies in the local area.

Bali offers endless cultural experiences for our guests – please see our destinations map for easily accessible, fascinating cultural excursions. There are occasionally temple ceremonies at the Pura Anyar temple next to Jeeva Saba that guests may wish to attend. Before attending any temple ceremonies, guests should discuss with Jeeva Saba staff about dress codes and other details that it may be important to know regarding the ceremony.