Land Activities

Land Activities


The quiet nature of the underdeveloped Tanjung Ringgit area where Jeeva Beloam is located makes it ideal for biking, hiking or just lounging on the beach.

Borrow one of our resort’s bikes to explore the entire peninsula from Jeeva Beloam to Ekas Bay. This trip is recommended only for experienced bikers; the trip to Ekas Bay is about 20 kilometers one way over rough semi-paved roads. Please bring along proper footwear if you plan to bike.

Less experienced bikers might prefer the a pleasant 12 kilometer round trip bike ride to Gili Sunut, in Teluk Temeak, and Pantai Segui. Gili Sunut is a small island off the north coast of Tanjung Ringgit featuring a traditional oceanfront Lombok fishing village, accessible by land at low tide or by fisherman’s boat at high tide.

Spend your day on the beautiful white sand beach of Pantai Segui, which boasts crystal clear water for swimming and snorkeling and is the perfect rest stop before returning back to the hotel.

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Located in the middle of a nature preserve, Jeeva Beloam allows guests the unique opportunity to experience the best of Indonesia and Lombok within easy walking and hiking distance from the hotel.

On any walk around the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula, expect to see a variety of tropical floral and wildlife including monkeys, monitor lizards and civet cats. If you’re lucky, you may also spot domesticated goats or water buffalo grazing freely in the small open meadows around the area.

Please bring along proper footwear if you plan to hike.

For the best views… rise early to view the sunrise over the mountains of Sumbawa and the Alas Strait, just a 10 minute walk uphill to the top of the headland on the north side of the Jeeva Beloam beach. Around 6:00 AM, the morning sun burns off the clouds that surround Lombok’s Gunung Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia, allowing for spectacular views from Jeeva Beloam to Rinjani’s two cones towering over the landscape.

For an easy hike… the beach at Tangsi is about 3.5 kilometers from Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp. The walk to Tangsi takes about 40 minutes at a leisurely pace along a combination of paved and dirt roads and some soft track. Swimming, snorkeling, diving and other outdoor activities can be arranged at Tangsi through Jeeva Beloam.

For the more adventurous… a five kilometer morning trek will take you to the lighthouse and the tip of Tanjung Ringgit where the sunrise over the Alas Strait colors the high cliffs at Air Undur and highlights the full majesty of Gunung Rinjani across the calm waters of Teluk Temeak.

In the early morning, you can often see large sea animals, including whales, feeding in the rich waters off the point where Teluk Temeak meets the Alas Strait and open Indian Ocean. Sunset at Tanjung Ringgit also does not disappoint as the setting sun reflects off Gunung Rinjani and colors the waters of the Teluk Temeak.

For the explorer…the point of Tanjung Ringgit is riddled with caves, some natural and some man made, that served as a Japanese defensive outpost during World War II. A left behind cannon still guards the approaches to Teluk Temeak from the heights of the cliffs at Tanjung Ringgit. Some of the caves are accessible but it is not advisable to enter the caves without an experienced guide. Jeeva Beloam is happy to arrange a guide to help you experience these caves in a safe manner.

Any of the above routes, except the hill walk at Jeeva Beloam, can be done by bicycle or vehicle.

View our map to discover these locations and more.

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